Source code for transphire.loadcontent

    TranSPHIRE is supposed to help with the cryo-EM data collection
    Copyright (C) 2017 Markus Stabrin

    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program.  If not, see <>.
import sys
import os
import copy
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import (
from PyQt5.QtCore import pyqtSignal, pyqtSlot

from . import transphire_utils as tu
from . import transphire_content as tc
from . import tabdocker

[docs]class LoadContent(QWidget): """ LoadContent widget. Widget used for the LoadContentContainer. Inherits from: QWidget Signals: delete - Emited, when the delete button is pressed (object) """ delete = pyqtSignal(object) def __init__(self, typ, separator, settings_folder, hdd=None, parent=None): """ Setup the layout for the widget Arguments: typ - Typ/Name of content separator - Separator widget list to delete if necessary hdd - Content is hdd (default None) parent - Parent widget (default None) Return: None """ super(LoadContent, self).__init__(parent) # Variables self.separator = separator self.typ = typ self.layout = QVBoxLayout(self) self.layout_old = None self.content = [] self.label_dict = {} self.layout.setContentsMargins(0, 0, 0, 0) self.idx_name = 0 self.idx_values = 1 self.idx_dtype = 2 self.idx_group = 3 self.idx_type = 4 self.idx_priority = 5 self.idx_tooltip = 6 self.idx_toggle = 7 self.idx_name_name = 0 self.idx_name_global = 1 self.idx_type_type = 0 self.idx_type_toggle = 1 # Fill content based on typ content_function = tu.get_function_dict()[typ]['content'] is_license = tu.get_function_dict()[typ]['license'] items_old = None if typ == 'Mount': button = QPushButton('Delete', self) button.clicked.connect(self._button_clicked) self.layout.addWidget(button) items = content_function(hdd=hdd) if hdd is None: pass else: self.setEnabled(False) elif typ in ('Copy', 'Others'): items = content_function(settings_folder=settings_folder) elif typ in ('Path'): items, items_old = content_function() tab_widget = tabdocker.TabDocker(self) self.layout.addWidget(tab_widget) widget = QWidget(self) self.layout = QVBoxLayout(widget) self.layout.setContentsMargins(0, 0, 0, 0) tab_widget.add_tab(widget, 'Current') widget = QWidget(self) self.layout_old = QVBoxLayout(widget) self.layout_old.setContentsMargins(0, 0, 0, 0) tab_widget.add_tab(widget, 'Old') else: items = content_function() items.extend([ ['WIDGETS MAIN', '10', int, '', 'PLAIN', '', ''], ['WIDGETS ADVANCED', '10', int, '', 'PLAIN', '', ''], ['WIDGETS RARE', '10', int, '', 'PLAIN', '', ''], ]) if is_license: items.append( ['IMPORTANT', 'THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT PUBLISHED UNDER AN OPEN-SOURCE LICENSE.\nPLEASE CHECK IF YOU NEED/OWN A LICENSE BEFORE USING THIS APPLICATION.', str, '', 'PLAIN', '', ''], ) # Fill widget with content items self._fill_default(items, items_old) def _fill_default(self, items, items_old): """ Fill the widget with content. Arguments: items - Content for the widget as list Return: None """ # Layout for current_layout, items in zip([self.layout, self.layout_old], [items, items_old]): if current_layout is None: continue global_items = set([entry[0].split(':')[0] for entry in tc.default_global()]) layout_h = QHBoxLayout() current_layout.addLayout(layout_h) layout_v = None for idx, entry in enumerate(items): if idx % 11 == 0: if layout_v is not None: layout_v.addStretch(1) else: pass if layout_v is not None: layout_h.addWidget(Separator(typ='vertical', color='white'), stretch=0) layout_v = QVBoxLayout() layout_h.addLayout(layout_v, stretch=1) label_name = entry[self.idx_name].split(':')[self.idx_name_name] layout_v.addWidget(QLabel(label_name, self), stretch=0) # Behaviour based on typ if entry[self.idx_type] in ('COMBO', 'COMBOX'): widget = QComboBox(self) widget.addItems(entry[self.idx_values]) widget.setCurrentIndex(0) widget.currentIndexChanged.connect(self._change_color_to_changed) elif entry[self.idx_type] in ('DIR', 'DIR/SEARCH'): widget = QLineEdit(entry[self.idx_values], self) widget.textChanged.connect(self._change_color_to_changed) widget.returnPressed.connect(self._find_dir) widget.setPlaceholderText('Press shift+return') elif entry[self.idx_type] in ('FILE', 'FILE/SEARCH'): widget = QLineEdit(entry[self.idx_values], self) widget.textChanged.connect(self._change_color_to_changed) widget.returnPressed.connect(self._find_file) widget.setPlaceholderText('Press shift+return') elif entry[self.idx_type] == 'PLAIN': widget = QLineEdit(entry[self.idx_values], self) widget.textChanged.connect(self._change_color_to_changed) elif entry[self.idx_type] == 'PASSWORD': widget = QLineEdit(entry[self.idx_values], self) widget.textChanged.connect(self._change_color_to_changed) widget.setEnabled(False) else: raise IOError('{0}: {1} not known!'.format(entry[self.idx_name], entry[self.idx_type])) assert label_name not in self.label_dict, (label_name, self.label_dict) self.label_dict[label_name] = widget widget.setObjectName('setting') exclude_typ_list = [ 'Mount', 'Font', 'Others', 'Notification_widget', ] if self.typ not in exclude_typ_list and not entry[self.idx_name].startswith('WIDGETS') and not entry[self.idx_name] == 'IMPORTANT': widget_2 = QComboBox(self) widget_2.addItems(['Main', 'Advanced', 'Rare']) combo_idx = widget_2.findText(entry[self.idx_priority]) assert combo_idx >= 0, entry widget_2.setCurrentIndex(combo_idx) widget_2.currentIndexChanged.connect(self._change_color_to_changed) else: widget_2 = None try: global_name = entry[self.idx_name].split(':')[self.idx_name_global:] if not global_name: raise IndexError except IndexError: global_name = None widget_3 = None else: for entry_global in global_name: if entry_global not in global_items: assert False, (entry_global, 'not in ', global_items) widget_3 = QPushButton(self) widget_3.setCheckable(True) widget_3.setText('GLOBAL') widget_3.toggled.connect(self._toggle_change) widget.setObjectName('default_settings') layout_h_2 = QHBoxLayout() layout_h_2.setContentsMargins(0, 0, 0, 0) layout_h_2.addWidget(widget, stretch=1) for test_widget in [widget_2, widget_3]: if test_widget is None: continue else: test_widget.setObjectName('default_settings') layout_h_2.addWidget(test_widget, stretch=0) layout_v.addLayout(layout_h_2, stretch=1) self.content.append({ 'widget': widget, 'widget_2': widget_2, 'widget_3': widget_3, 'settings': { 'typ': entry[self.idx_type], 'name': entry[self.idx_name].split(':')[self.idx_name_name], 'name_global': global_name, 'values': entry[self.idx_values], 'dtype': entry[self.idx_dtype], 'group': entry[self.idx_group], 'tooltip': entry[self.idx_tooltip], } }) if widget_3 is not None: widget_3.setChecked(True) layout_v.addStretch(1) @pyqtSlot(bool) def _toggle_change(self, state): """ Change the color of the entry to color changed. Arguments: None Return: None """ for entry in self.content: if entry['widget_3'] == self.sender(): entry['widget'].setEnabled(not state) @pyqtSlot() def _change_color_to_changed(self): """ Change the color of the entry to color changed. Arguments: None Return: None """ self.sender().setStyleSheet(tu.get_style(typ='changed')) @pyqtSlot() def _button_clicked(self): """ Emit the signal, if the delete button is clicked. Send the seperator widget for deletion. Arguments: None Return: None """ self.delete.emit(self.separator)
[docs] def get_settings(self): """ Get the settings from the child widgets. Arguments: None Return: List of settings """ settings_list = [] error_occured = False for entry in self.content: widget = entry['widget'] settings = copy.deepcopy(entry['settings']) dtype = settings['dtype'] key = settings['name'] default_value = settings['values'] if isinstance(widget, QComboBox): value = widget.currentText() elif isinstance(widget, QLineEdit): value = widget.text() else: message = '{0}: Type {1} not known!'.format(key, type(widget)) print(message) tu.message(message) sys.exit() for number in ['2', '3']: temp_widget = entry['widget_{0}'.format(number)] if isinstance(temp_widget, QComboBox): settings['widget_{0}'.format(number)] = temp_widget.currentText() elif isinstance(temp_widget, QPushButton): settings['widget_{0}'.format(number)] = temp_widget.isChecked() else: assert temp_widget is None settings['widget_{0}'.format(number)] = temp_widget if value: if tu.check_instance(value=value, typ=dtype): widget.setStyleSheet(tu.get_style(typ='unchanged')) else: widget.setStyleSheet(tu.get_style(typ='error')) message = '{0}: {1} needs to be {2}'.format( key, value, dtype ) print(message) tu.message(message) error_occured = True else: if default_value: widget.setStyleSheet(tu.get_style(typ='unchanged')) #print('WARNING: {0} is empty!'.format(key)) else: pass if key == 'Typ' and not widget.isEnabled(): value = 'Copy_to_hdd' elif key == 'Protocol' and not widget.isEnabled(): value = 'hdd' else: pass settings_list.append({key: [value, settings]}) if error_occured: return None else: return settings_list
[docs] def set_settings(self, settings): """ Set settings to the entry widgets. Arguments: settings - List of settings Return: None """ disable_name = False disable_typ = False for entry in settings: if self.typ == 'Mount': if 'Mount name' in entry: if entry['Mount name'][0] == 'HDD': disable_name = True else: pass elif 'Typ' in entry: if entry['Typ'][0] == 'Copy_to_hdd': disable_typ = True else: pass else: pass else: pass if disable_name and disable_typ: is_hdd = True self.setEnabled(False) else: is_hdd = False self.setEnabled(True) for key in entry: idx = None for idx, setting in enumerate(self.content): name = setting['settings']['name'] if key != name: continue else: break if idx is None: continue else: pass if name == key: pass else: continue try: widget = self.content[idx]['widget'] except KeyError: continue else: pass if isinstance(widget, QComboBox): hdd_idx = widget.findText(entry[key][0]) if idx < 0: if is_hdd: widget.addItem('Copy_to_hdd') hdd_idx = widget.findText('Copy_to_hdd') else: hdd_idx = 0 else: pass widget.setCurrentIndex(hdd_idx) elif isinstance(widget, QLineEdit): widget.setText(entry[key][0]) else: print(key, type(widget, 'Not known!')) sys.exit() widget.setStyleSheet(tu.get_style(typ='unchanged')) try: widget_2 = self.content[idx]['widget_2'] except KeyError: continue else: pass if isinstance(widget_2, QComboBox): try: widget_2_idx = widget_2.findText(entry[key][1]['widget_2']) except KeyError: print( 'Older version of a save file detected!', 'Please save default settings again!' ) continue else: widget_2_idx = max(0, widget_2_idx) widget_2.setCurrentIndex(widget_2_idx) widget_2.setStyleSheet(tu.get_style(typ='unchanged')) elif widget_2 is None: pass else: pass try: widget_3 = self.content[idx]['widget_3'] except KeyError: continue else: pass if isinstance(widget_3, QPushButton): try: widget_3.setChecked(entry[key][1]['widget_3']) except KeyError: widget_3.setChecked(True) except TypeError: widget_3.setChecked(True) elif widget_3 is None: pass else: pass
def _find_label(self, widget): for key, value in self.label_dict.items(): if value == widget: return key @pyqtSlot() def _find_file(self): """ Find file name to insert it into the widget. Arguments: None Return: None """ in_file = QFileDialog.getOpenFileName( caption='Find file: {0} - {1}'.format(self.typ, self._find_label(self.sender())), directory=os.getcwd(), options=QFileDialog.DontUseNativeDialog ) in_file = in_file[0] if in_file != '': self.sender().setText(in_file) @pyqtSlot() def _find_dir(self): """ Find directory to insert it into the widget. Arguments: None Return: None """ in_dir = QFileDialog.getExistingDirectory( caption='Find directory: {0} - {1}'.format(self.typ, self._find_label(self.sender())), directory=os.getcwd(), options=QFileDialog.DontUseNativeDialog ) if in_dir != '': self.sender().setText(in_dir)
from .separator import Separator