Version 1.5

Version latest (Current master branch, might be unstable)

  • Fix an telegram issue when the messages do not contain proper key entries
  • Reduce the margin around the logfile box
  • Fixed a problem with with GPU SPLIT parameter when unchecked global flag in the GUI GPU parameter
  • Fixed a crash with connection refused SMTP error
  • Expose --batch_size option in cryolo train
  • Do not do checksum calculations if the input file to copy is a directory
  • Proper restart of Motion with CTF Movie mode
  • Try to copy 5 times before deciding that a file is not able to copy

Version 1.5.13

  • Set project pattern as default for the Project Name
  • Fix problem of mistyped option unstacking that lead to crashes

Version 1.5.11

  • Improved filament mode for ISAC
  • Fixed retraining
  • Fix latency problems with arriving jpg files
  • Fix visualization problems with Sphire 1.4
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.5.0

  • First public release
  • Automated data processing
  • TranSPHIRE feedback loop